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How To Achieve Ultimate Efficiency,
Fast Paced Business Progress, And
Gain A Position Of Online Business Power
Up To 12 Times Faster Than Anyone Else

How I achieve in goals in 3 months when it takes most others 3 years or more
(An Alternative To Spiritual Marketing)

From The Desk Of: Martin Boyle
Date: July 2010

Dear Online Marketer,

What makes a successful online marketer? One that can make a whole lot of money, of course, but have you noticed the recent rise 'change your mind' books, audio's, dvd's and videos? Most of them talk about positive thinking and how when you change your mind, you change your actions without even noticing it. For the better of course, and you know what, for some people, it works!

Which is great.

The more people that know how to make money, the richer they are (including those of you reading this letter right now) the more people there are to Joint Venture with, the more new and innovative ideas get pushed around and the internet marketing industry moves forward. I love it when I see someone new achieve all their hopes and dreams.

But you know, I had a slight problem with this whole 'change your mind' thing. I found that no matter how hard I tried, or how easy people tried to make it for me, I could never seem to see positive results. Sure it made me feel good, but the results never seemed to reflect that. And feeling good is really boring when you don't see your dreams materialize in front of you.

On talking to other marketers, it turns out that I'm not alone.

Are you one of them?

If you've tried, or even thought about trying a 'change your mind product' and it didn't work for you, or even if it did and you want a completely different perspective on how to succeed with the good days, and still carving you way through the bad days, then listen in, because what I have here is very different to anything else out there.

Entirely different
In Practically Every Way...

Testimonial 1

Dear Martin,

I just had to write to say that I've been using your product for just over a month now. Purchasing it was one of the best choices I've made in a long while. My business has gone from stagnant, to booming in a few short weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that you saved me years of expensive experimentation. Thank you!

David O'Neil

Testimonial 2

Martin, your sales letter got me excited about your product from the moment I set eyes on it. I couldn't help thinking though after so many disappointments with similar offers that this would just be 'another one of those'. Boy was I wrong. Astounding work! Put your prices up!

Tim Hayes

Testimonial 3

From $200 a month, to $1000 per week profit. The only aspects of my business that I changed to get that result was on the advice straight out of your product. Congratulations on another superior product in the field of online marketing.

Mark Johnson

From blank piece of paper to product launch. Every step explained and demonstrated as it happens
(This is a real life case study after all)

- Sinful Self-Help Discover the reasons why self help and change your mind products work for some but prevent others from reaching their goals. (Note: This is something that no other product out there will tell you, for fear of scaring you, money in their pocket, out of the door. The truth however, is out!

- Proof it works - I won't just be giving you a bunch of mumbo jumbo and telling you to change your life just like that. I'm going to show you how these controversial attitudes helped me go from broke, to rich in a few short months.

- Regular tasks so you can see the results, happening to you, in real time! (No waiting) In each section, I'm going to be giving you an entirely optional task. Most are short and will only take a few minutes to complete. They will however give you a completely fresh perspective on your business and the path you need to take to achieve success.

- The key to learning new skills, quickly and cheaply. If you thought experimenting was the only way, think again. It's expensive, it's time consuming and sometimes it's just downright boring (especially when you just want to see results). Anyone in business would question me for saying this, but you can be lazy, and not waste your time and money in this manor yet still be at the forefront of business developments and innovations. When you know how, it becomes automatic, and you'll never be left behind again.

- Question - Are the tasks you're carrying out right now taking you any closer to your goals? There's hundreds of marketers out there working their fingers to the bone, aging themselves prematurely and going broke simply because they don't know how to make progress. With these methods, you can forget those 16 hours days, late nights, and promises to family that never transpire. It just ain't that hard.

- Ever failed at something? Great! If you hadn't I'd be mighty worried. How often do you fail? Every month, every week? Every year maybe. The more the better. Find out why I cheer every single time I fail, and how I can succeed ten times less often than not and still get rich at the same time.

- You'd be surprised to know that even though you may be learning a new skill so that you can improve now, and have better prospects in the future, that how successful your efforts are actually depend on the past. Strange huh? The quicker you learn to learn properly, the quicker all of your hopes for the future, for you and your family, will become a reality. (Unfortunately it took me over seven years to learn that, on the plus side, with this document, it'll take you a few minutes.

-What does everyone else think of you? It's nice to know this and of course it matters. No matter who you are, or how rich you are, it allows you to react accordingly. It's easier to strike deals, to approach JV prospects (which represent a good $200,000 worth of sales for me in just a couple of months), it's easier to write and cater to their needs, thus aiming them in the direction of your payment button, and more. In fact, everything becomes easier when you know all the answers already. I'll show you how I do this no matter what market I'm entering or what new challenge I'm taking on.

- Find out why I always win in the end, and how you can do this too. There's nothing nicer than to be in a situation that you've experienced before, because you know what to expect, and you know you can comfortably handle it and still come out on top. A very handy skill to have in business. Most however choose to ignore this and fumble about in the dark for the rest of their lives. Don't let this be you! This is one of the big avoidance chapters, very important! Don't miss it, or you'll run across these problems when you least expect it!

ďMy personal 100% ďI challenge you, the risk is all mineĒ 30 day, no questions asked money back guaranteeĒ

I am so confident that this product will give your online business a huge head-start over those who miss out or decide to pass up this offer, that Iím going to take all the risk away from you by offering you my 100% money back, ĎI challenge youí guarantee.

Hereís the deal. You take this product away with you today and apply the advantage it gives your online business, and in return, if you havenít seen profitable results after using it for 30 days, (results that must exceed your expectations) Iím going to put your money right back in your pocket, and weíll part ways, leaving you with your original investment, plus Iíll let you keep the product anyway.

Itís impossible to do business like this without having a quality product that works, and works well. If it didnít, everyone would just claim refunds and get my product for free, and Iíd make no money to cover my costs, and this site would have been gone months ago. One more reason to be sure that this is the real deal.

ďIn Fact, Iím so confident in this, Iím going to take things even further this time around. Hereís how..Ē

My time is a precious thing. Thereís only so many hours in the day, and I use as many of those as I can in developing my business. Iím going to change that now though. If you donít feel 100% confident about anything you find in this product within your first 30 days, call me and Iíll personally help you out. (Youíll find my phone number and support desk on the contact us page as always). Any questions you have about not just this product, but how it fits in with your business, how to execute the included strategies, just let me know. Iíll spend my time, helping you to develop your business with this product.

Now thereís an assurance you donít see every day.

Order now before the price returns to normal!

You can get your hands on all of this value, the product itself, the guarantee that you'll be ecstatic with the result, and my personal assurance of help with your business if you need it, plus if things don't work out, the risk is all mine. How much are we talking here?

Not $500, not $300, not even $200, but for a mere $147, you can get your hands on the whole package. I use all of these tools and this knowledge to make the cost of this five times over every single day of every single week. Just think what having the same insider info and expertise could do for you - not to mention having me at your side to personally help you if and when you need it.

This is a rare offer, and there are only so many hours in my day, so it won't last long. Don't miss the opportunity!

P.S -- Remember, only those lucky enough to visit this page before $date (date of expiration of offer) will get the discounted price. The moment we hit £8000, the price will more than double, so beat your competition to it by taking advantage of this special offer, and order today!

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